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The following are images of Woodbury Resident 11 (TV Series).

TV Series

Season 3

"Killer Within"

"Say the Word"

"Made to Suffer"

"The Suicide King"

"I Ain't a Judas"

Season 4

"30 Days Without An Accident"


"Too Far Gone"


Unnamed or Unseen TV Characters
Linden County Officers Officer 1Officer 2Officer 3
King County MotherMotherSiggardsCriminalCriminalCriminal
Woodbury ResidentResidentResidentMotherFoster's DaughterGuardGuard 2Guard 3Guard 4ResidentResidentResidentResidentResidentResidentResidentResident
Military Personnel Guardsman 1Guardsman 2Guardsman 3Guardsman 4Guardsman 5Guardsman 6Governor's Victims
Mexican Family FatherMotherSonBaby
Martinez's Group ManWoman
Miscellaneous Characters FatherMrs. BlakeHermitHitchhiker

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