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"I've got you."
—Rick to this resident in the cellblock.[src]

This Woodbury resident lived in the town of Woodbury in AMC's The Walking Dead. She was then brought to the prison as a refugee and has been living in the community in Season 4.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about this resident's life before or as the outbreak began, except that she was a high school student. She may have lived in or near Woodbury before the outbreak.


Season 3

"Killer Within"

This resident is seen walking in the streets of Woodbury.

"Say the Word"

This resident can be seen entering the Arena then sits down on the bleachers next to Eric, as the gladiator fight begins, she then chants and cheers on Merle.

"Made to Suffer"

This resident, among others, was told by The Governor to go back to their apartment, turn their lights off, and lock their doors. This resident is later seen at the arena, standing on the bleachers next to Eileen, after the Governors speech she steps down off the bleachers and demands the death for the Dixon brothers at the arena.

"The Suicide King"

This girl flees the arena after Rick and Maggie attack and tries to leave Woodbury angrily, along with the other townspeople the next day. She also witnesses Richard Foster getting killed then listens to Andrea's speech.

"I Ain't a Judas"

This woman is seen walking in the street as fellow residents reinforce the town.

"Welcome to the Tombs"

Though unseen, this girl stayed behind in Woodbury with the other senior citizens, the children and their mothers. It is possible that she had a chronic condition, as all men and women aged 13 and up were forced to be in the army or she refused to fight the prison. After being informed of the massacre of their fellow residents, she is one of the residents to be admitted to the prison

Season 4

"30 Days Without An Accident"

This Woodbury refugee is seen eating breakfast with a younger girl in the dining pavilion.


This woman flees from the zombie attack in Cell Block D as it was being attacked by infected residents. Through the process of fleeing she stumbles down the stairs and falls to the ground, after the inhabitants of Cell Block D fled down the stairs, she was picked up and carried out of the Cell Block by Rick.


Though unseen, this young woman was one of the residents to be quarantined in Cell Block A, where she resided in a cell on the second level.


Though unseen, this resident endured the chaos that rocked the cell block and managed to survive long enough to be administered medicine when it arrived.

"Too Far Gone"

This girl managed to make onto the Woodbury bus before it fled the prison during the attack.


As Maggie, Bob, and Sasha discover the Woodbury bus on the road, it is revealed that everyone on board, including this former Woodbury resident, had died and reanimated, unable to get off the bus. The woman was attacked and killed after several prison residents were shot and killed by the Governor's militia and reanimated as a result. The woman's gruesome death lead to her reanimation as a zombie herself. She stumbles out of the bus with the other zombified residents and is shot in the head by Bob. After the last zombified resident is killed, her body is seen as Maggie walks towards the bus to find Glenn.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this woman has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies.


Killed By

After The Governor's Militia attacked and destroyed the prison, she managed to escape onto the bus.

Sometime after, presumably everyone aboard the bus was killed, her included.

She then reanimated as a zombie in the bus and is shot in the head by Bob.


TV Series

Season 3

Season 4


  • Originally, this survivor was to be considered "assumed dead" along with the rest of the Woodbury townspeople in the Season 3 finale. However, the producers decided to bring Deanna Dixon back to Season 4 as a Woodbury refugee, which led the actress to speculate that her character may have had a chronic condition that prevented her from being a part of the Woodbury army.
  • This character was involved in scenes for "Isolation" and "Internment", but ultimately the scenes were cut from the final version of the episode.
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