"Do the beasts of the wild camp? Do they mark their lands with constructs doomed to wither and fade with time? The trees are our shelter. We huddle together for warmth. We survive as we were meant to."
—Alpha, regarding the Whisperers' camp and its inhabitants[src]

The Whisperers' Camp is a location first seen in Issue 140 of The Walking Dead. It is the home of The Whisperers, the antagonistic group that Carl Grimes and his group have encountered. The location is surrounded by trees, with no protection.





  • Alpha - The leader of the Whisperers. Mother of Lydia.
  • Beta - High ranking member of the Whisperers.
  • Joshua - Member of the Whisperers
  • Whisperer 1 - Member of the Whisperers
  • Whisperer 2 - Member of the Whisperers
  • Whisperer 3 - Member of the Whisperers
  • Whisperer 4 - Member of the Whisperers
  • Many other unnamed members


Former Inhabitants

  • Lydia - Former member of the Whisperers. Daughter of Alpha.
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