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Washington, D.C., is a city outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone that is used for supply runs, conducted by Heath and Scott, as well as Glenn and others. It was said by Eugene Porter to be a refugee camp, but it was overrun, similar to Atlanta, Georgia.

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Washington, D.C. was the capital of The United States of America. Nothing is known about the city before or as the outbreak began, except that refugee camps were being set up outside the city.


When the outbreak began, the military immediately took control of D.C. and ordered an evacuation of key personnel only. Members of congress and other people of the political circuit, such as Deanna Monroe and her family and Aaron and his boyfriend Eric, were the first people to evacuate to safe-zones outside of the city while civilians were still in D.C. awaiting further instruction. As the military either desserted or was overrun, D.C. was left the dead.

Some of the safe-zones around D.C. were established in the suburban community of Alexandria, Virginia as well as the historic Barrington House in the deep woods in the south of Virginia. It may be possible that the city is still active. But it seems to be overrun like the rest of the world.

Washington, D.C., was mentioned by Dave in the episode "Nebraska" as being the site of a refugee camp similar to that in Atlanta, Georgia, where he and Tony stopped on their way south from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eugene Porter claimed that the remnants of the U.S. government are apparently in the city, as they are communicating with him via satellite phone from Houston, Texas, asking him to go there to cure the walker virus. This is later revealed to be false. Some time later as the group heads for the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the skyline of Washington, D.C, is visible in the distance.





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