Wallace Krebs is an American amputee actor who portrayed a walker on AMC's The Walking Dead, in "Clear" in Season 3. He also played a prison survivor in "Isolation" in Season 4.

Wallace created a backstory for his prison survivor role:

I was a Cell Block D victim and I pictured that I was bitten in the arm by one of the walkers in the cell block. The others quickly amputated my arm, similar to what they did to Hershel's leg, in an attempt to prevent the spread of the infection. Apparently I went into shock from the injury and Dr. S unsuccessfully attempted CPR, which resulted in me experiencing a 'stabbing' headache.

He has appeared in the following episodes:

Season 3
  • "Clear" - Zombie attacking Michonne's car as it gets stuck in mud.
Season 4
  • "Isolation" - In Cell Block A, dead with amputated arm, put down by Dr. S before reanimation.

Other Works

His acting credits include:

  • Army Wives
  • Homeland
  • The Adventures of Iguana Man

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