Wal-Mart is a mega-store located in Woodbury, Georgia.


Woodbury, Georgia

Presumably many people came here and raided the store for supplies as the epidemic occurred. Eventually after The Governor took control of Woodbury, the Woodbury survivors relied on the store as the main source of food and supplies.



The Governor and Scott Moon came to this store and took at least 26 fish tanks and killed one roamer. After this Woodbury begin to use the store as a place to gather various supplies from. The Atlanta survivors came to this store and took some supplies, notably two baby cribs. However they were interrupted when Bruce Allan Cooper and three other men cornered them inside the store. After a brief stand-off Glenn is shot, but is uninjured and Andrea retaliates by shooting Bruce straight through his neck. Michonne then cuts down two of the soldiers and the last remaining soldier Sam is told to surrender. However he tries to grab his gun, but Andrea shoots him before he can get a shot off.



  • None



  • Wal-Mart is one of the few real-world locations.
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