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Volume 29: Lines We Cross is the twenty-ninth volume of Image Comics' The Walking Dead that includes issues 169-174.

Recent events have thrown Alexandria into turmoil, and now Rick, Dwight, Eugene and Negan all have something to prove.


Carl is seen mourning Andrea. Lydia soon approaches him, and Carl tells Lydia about Ben and how he had to be the one to kill him. He also reveals that he told Andrea about it himself, and that she stated she will always love him, no matter he did in the past.

Rick walks through the burial ground and is greeted by an angry Maggie, who then demands explanation about Negan being free. Rick explains that he is no better than him, since he killed just as much husbands and wives as Negan did. Rick assures Maggie Negan will be on his way very soon.

Eugene contacts Stephanie, and explains the situation in Alexandria. Rick has been informed about the radio, and he arrives at Eugene's with Siddiq. Eugene assures Stephanie Rick can be trusted and the two have a conversation. Rick suggests they should form a route to her community, and Stephanie asks for a day to think about it. 

Rick plans to establish a small team to send to Ohio. He is then greeted by Dwight, who wants to have a word with him later. Carl states he will go back to Hilltop and help to rebuild it even if Rick wants him to stay. Rick asks Jesus to go with the team, but he states he will stay in Alexandria with Aaron.

Rick approaches Dwight later in the day and offers him to go on the trip to Ohio. Dwight bluntly declines and challenges Rick's leadership, saying that his current decisions have made him unfit (escalating a conflict with the saviors, having Negan diffuse that conflict and killing Sherry (even if it was accidental) to lead the community. Angered, Rick vows to keep his eye on Dwight and threatens not to provoke him in his current state as at that point, "what's one more fucking grave?" he asks.

The rescue team is finally formed, including Eugene, Siddiq, Michonne, Magna and Yumiko. Negan leaves Alexandria, and so do the Hilltop survivors. Maggie asks Dante to follow Negan.




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