This article is about the characters in the video game that appear and have names. You may be looking for the unnamed or unseen characters.

The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

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  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since.
  • A character with a "Determinant" status only applies in the video game series where player actions determine the final status of the character.

Season 1

Everett Family

NTL Lee Shed Box

Suburban Georgia

Clementine's Family


Clementine's Neighborhood

AND Chet Greeting

Greene Farm

Greene Family

AND Shawn Night

Kenny's Family

TTW Kenny Glad
LRA Duck Motel
LRA Katjaa Time

Macon, Georgia

AND Irene Motel

Everett Family Pharmacy Survivors

AND Glenn Leaving
LRA Carley Box
LRA Doug Fence

United States Air Force

Lilly's Family

Lilly Escape Box
SFH Larry Farm

Air Force Base

SFH Mark Sky

Stone Mountain School

School Students and Teachers

Ben Nervous Roof
David Box

St. John's Dairy Farm

St. John Family

SFH Andy 2
SFH Danny 4
SFH Brenda Food

Save-Lots Bandits

LRA Drew Motel

Jolene's Family

SFH Jolene 2

The Railroad

Train Survivors

Christa's Family

ATR Omid Outside

Savannah, Georgia

Crawford Residents

AEC Anna Tape
AEC Logan Box

Cancer Support Group

SS Clive Argument
SS Joyce Fearful
SS Boyd Evening
AEC Vernon House

400 Days

Georgia Highway

Prison Bus Survivors

IHW Vince Stockroom
Justin Kinda Angry
Danny Yanking The Chains
Clyde Angry

Road Survivors

Russell's Group

Nate Glance

Wyatt's Group

Wyatt VG Crop
WS Eddie Smile

Gil's Pitstop Outskirts

Bonnie's Group

NGB Bonnie Firepit
BS Leland Convo
Dee Arrives Box

Gil's Pitstop

Pitstop Residents

SS Roman Mild Anger

Shel's Family

Epilogue Becca Box

Walt's Family

RS Walt Diner
Jean Box

Pitstop Scavengers

Season 2

Gil's Pitstop

Pitstop Scavengers

North Carolina

Winston's Group

ATR Ralph Confrontation
ATR Victor Angry

Howe's Hardware Refugees

NGB Luke Firepit

Sarah's Family

Sarah VG Crop
IHW Carlos Pre-Smack

Rebecca's Family

IHW Alvin Happy

Peter's Family

Nick VG Crop
Pete VG Crop

Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

Moonstar Lodge Inhabitants

Sarita VG Crop
AHD Walter Cooking


Howe's Hardware Community

NGB Mike Happy
IHW Tavia Morning
IHW Lowell Guarding
IHW Tyler
IHW Vera Orders
IHW Tisha
Jane Season 3
IHW Hank Guarding
IHW Troy Babysitting
IHW Reggie Scared
AHD Johnny Neutral

Russian Group

NGB Vitali Aiming

Arvo's Family

NGB Arvo Pissed

Randy's Family

NGB Randy HH

Wellington, Ohio


Edith A New Frontier

The Walking Dead: Michonne

Location Unknown

Michonne's Family

WWD Elodie


The Companion

WWD Pete Sad
ITD Siddiq Neutral
ITD Oak Unhappy
ITD Berto Mad

Fairbanks' House

Fairbanks Family

GNS James Scared
WWD AlexQuiet
GNS John Angry
ITD Greg Scared
WWD SophiaPhotograph

Fairbank's Residents

GNS Paige Concerned


WWD RichAngry
ITD Gabby Serious
ITD Jonas Unhappy
GNS Joe On Guard
WWD JaneyFocused
TWDM Trailer Man 3

Norma's Family

ITD Norma Neutral

Season 3

García Family

FTG Javier Stoic
FTG David Highway
FTG Gabe Pissed
FTG Kate Tilt
TTB Hector Shocked

The New Frontier

TTW Joan Assembly
ATL Clint Church
ATL Paul Neutral
TTB Lonnie Stoic
TTB Max Skeptical
ATL Ava Dramatic

Rufus' Family

FTG Fern Aiming
TTB Rufus Chill


TTW Conrad Neutral
TTW Tripp Pissed
TTB Eli Worried

Hilltop Colony

TTB Jesus Unhappy


ATR Sam Camp
AEC Walter


Screenshot (210)
Jon sandusky 2
AHD Waitress Walker
AEC Jeff Zombie
AEC Fivel Attic
AND Sandra

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