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The following is a list of auto-mobiles and vehicles that are featured on AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.

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Season 1


1977 Ford F-100 Custom

  • Owned by: Travis Manawa
  • Used By: Travis Manawa, Nick Clark
  • Color: Beige
  • Status: Abandoned (possibly)
  • Last Seen: "The Good Man"
  • Background: Travis's personal vehicle. Was used by Nick in an attempt to put down an Undead Calvin in "Pilot". Also packed up and used when Travis and his group flee Los Angeles. It was likely abandoned afterwards and was last seen when the group arrived at Victor Strand's house.

2002 Toyota Camry LE V6

  • Owned by: Madison Clark
  • Used by: Madison Clark
  • Color: Grey
  • Status: Abandoned (possibly)
  • Last Seen: "The Good Man"
  • Background: Madison's personal vehicle that she used to drive back and forth from work and home. Also packed up and used when Madison and her family tries to leave Los Angeles. It was likely abandoned afterwards and was last seen when the group arrived at Victor Stand's house.

1998 Honda Accord Coupe

  • Owned by: Calvin
  • Used by: Calvin
  • Color: Back
  • Status: Abandoned (whole times)
  • Last Seen: "Pilot"
  • The personal vehicle was Owned/Used by Calvin, after he was shot and killed by Nick Clark and became undead was likely abandoned the whole times never seen in use again afterwards.

1998 Dodge Durango

Season 2-Presents

Abigail by Fear The Walking Dead as abigail-470x264


I912350 as 2010 Porsche Panamera (Fear The Walking Dead)

2010 Porsche Panamera

  • Owned by: Unknown, (possibly Luis Flores)
  • Used by: Luis Flores
  • Color: Silver
  • Status: Abandoned
  • Background: Used by Luis Flores to transport himself and Nick to the point of departure to meet the Abigail, but was later abandoned it afterwards.
  • Last Seen: "Blood in the Streets"

2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty XL Regular Cab

  • Owned by: formerly Thomas Abigail; (Victor Strand or Ofelia Salazar)
  • Used by: Thomas Abigail, Victor Strand, Ofelia Salazar
  • Color: Black
  • Status: Active
  • Background: First seen in used by Thomas Abigail when he arrived into town to try and talk down at the local priest and the mob from attacking the compound. but was later used by Victor Strand to transport himself and the group piles into a Pick-up truck and flees. then he and his group's arrived at Thomas’s gated estate where Celia. (see "Sicut Cervus")
  • He begin to sneaks back and steals a pick-up truck to escape at the estate, later on he begin to picks up (Madison, Alicia, and Ofelia). Victor forces Madison to gets into the truck but she seen Nick refuses go with them. but they watch a blood-slathered Nick walk away untouched among the Infected as they flee. (see "Shiva")
  • The F-250 pick-up was not seen until "Los Muertos". While the pick-up was left far from estate by 2 days. and was begin to droves middle nowwere, but was later stopping middile of the road and search Abigail still there, then begining to keep traveling on road. and was later drove on beach and stopping there and planing to searching hotel, Then begin to droves to hotel and was arrived at the hotel and was left outside.
AMC 210 Travis & Chris

1980 Ford LTD Country Squire

  • Owned by: Unknown
  • Used by: Travis/Christopher Manawa
  • Color: Grey/Green
  • Status: Abandoned (possibly)
  • Background: This is the County Squire was seen left abandoned no-where.While Travis smached with the stick through to glasswindows on the left hand passengers door, then he begin to stole it and hot wire a car. He begin drives away to nowwere and was resurve to Christopher to take over to drive on freeway, It was possibly abandoned after arrived at camp. He and Christopher now since rides on James Dodge Ram.
  • Last seen: "Do Not Disturb"
    AMC 213 Travis & Chris

1998 Dodge Ram

Cauture, FTWD 2010 Ford E-350

2010 Ford E-350 Super Duty

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