This article is about Vanessa, the neighbor of Dominic. You may be looking for Rashid's wife.
"Oh yeah. Yeah, I know them. El… Elodie, and… Colette? (…) This morning. Before they ordered the evacuation."
—Vanessa to Michonne, about her daughters' whereabouts.[src]

Vanessa is a character encountered in Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne. She appears in one of Michonne's most extensive hallucination, which takes place while she is at the Fairbanks' House.


Atlanta, Georgia

Little is known about Vanessa's life before the outbreak began, other than she lived at Downtown Atlanta, in the same apartment block as Dominic and his daughters, and that she had a baby daughter who suffered from a medical condition, and thus, had to take medicine on a regular basis.


Atlanta, Georgia

Vanessa stumbled upon Elodie and Colette on the morning of the day that the outbreak began, though he didn't see them for the rest of the day. Sometime later, the residents of the apartment building were evacuated to a nearby police station; it is assumed that Vanessa and her daughter were among them.

Michonne Mini-series

"Give No Shelter"

Around evening, Vanessa eventually travelled back to her apartment with her daughter, so that she could give her her fever medicine as soon as possible, since she was described as "burning up." Vanessa then bumped into Michonne, who was looking for the daughters of her own, and she revealed to her valuable information about their possible whereabouts. When the duo was approached by a pack of walkers, Vanessa panicked and ran to the other extreme of the hallway, making her status unknown.


Michonne Mini-series


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