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Ideas about this wikia?
If you have ideas about this wikia, please create a blog post and ask the community. Although I have the most edits here, I am in the process of leaving wikia for good because of the new skin. If you are interested in leaving and taking your wikia with you, see Anti Wikia skin Alliance.

Hey, i saw that under the drop menu there is both a character list, and a character pictorial list. I jus created a pictorial list for the tv series characters, and i want to put it under there, so it is more easily accessible to the public. how do i put it under that pull down menu.

Rick Grimes

hey, ive been severely editing the Rick Grimes page from barely anything, to what it is now. In the comics, I am only at volume 3, I can edit up to the point of Dexter pointing a gun at Tick's head, but thats about it. Is there any way that you can help me out. Thank You

I really respect and appreciate your work. As I mention above, please create a blog post, that is your best way to get help.
Also contact the two most active editors, mister... and Peter... You can see their names in the blog posts.
For technical issues, again, create a blog post, contact those two editors, or post a request for help on the help forum at central wikia.
I am still really bitter about how this new skin was handled, and I am only editing here what catches my fancy and I find as fun, I am not committing to any extra work. Anno1404 15:49, November 24, 2010 (UTC)

I am so pleased!

First thing - I cannot attend the IRC chat tonight, sorry :( But good news! I identified two survivors from the pilot (thanks to IMDB). The African-American woman was done through photo comparison (See Redshirt, btw) and the older woman in the hat is Frances Cobb. I did a google search, found her Facebook and sent her a message, though I realized I could look at her wall. She posted this as apart of her status:

Well, no luck in being seen in either Due Date or For Colored Girls, but I was seen for the second time in The Walking Dead. Last week, I was seen after about an hour. This time, I was at the beginning in the background preparing my tent and space in the campground. Looks like they will be using the campround a couple of more times. They filmed this all in one day.
A comment from a friend: I think I saw you in last nights episode. Don't think you were wearing your straw hat?
Her reply: Yes, you picked me out again. I was in the background arranging things for my tent. It was near the end of the day, so, they asked that I "lose the hat." I took it off, since I was finally in the shade! I think I will be in a couple of more episodes now because of the way they are inserting these scenes. Even though we were only there one day, it looks like we were there for weeks.

I am pleased on my skills =D I'll see if she gives any more information in her reply (if she chooses to do so). She said "second time" as in the 2nd episode, Guts? I will take another look, though I def saw her in the show's pilot. How exciting. --Mistertrouble189 23:25, November 24, 2010 (UTC)

Hey there, could you post information about who casts the background for The Walking Dead?



Hey, I just have a quick question. Since there have been rare edits made, and I have edited a lot, can I possibly become an administrator? I work a lot on the site, and would really appreciate it. I have even taken to welcoming new contributors. So could you give it thought? Thank you, Ttowen

Italian version??????

Hello, awaiting the release of the second season of The Walking Dead in Italy I visited your Wikia, and I liked it. I ask to be able to create the Italian version of your "The Walking Dead wiki" with your articles, and of course I will write merit that is "yours". Thank you, expect an answer ... Dr John F. 14:31, September 13, 2011 (UTC)

Hi! I know that you helped make the template used for the Walking Dead wiki. I've been trying to modify a version for myself so a wiki but it only shows up as the default infobox. If you have time could you message me back if you could help me sometime? Aprilkittyartz (talk) 20:37, June 2, 2013 (UTC)

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