Ok, I know this has been asked in blogs MILLIONS of times here, but in a ZA, what is your plan? Follow the template.

Melee weapon:


Your group(who's in it?):



Be realistic. Here's mine.

Melee weapon: my base ball bat.

Firearm: The first sidearm i can get my hands on.

Group: Mother(she's a nurse), father(he's in the USAF), girl friend, best friend(i think of him as a brother. don't worry. even in a ZA, he would be NOTHING like Shane. lol), girl friend's mom, girl friend's dad(he's in the USMC), girl friend's brother, girl friend's sister(she's WAY younger than me, so i'm not gonna cheat on my girl friend or anything), best friend's mom, best friends dad(he owns a 12 gauge), best friend's brother.

Transportation: CH-46E Sea Knight(or "Bull Frog"), Fishing Boat, Pick-Up truck.

Base: Off-Shore Oil Rig

the trasportation is realistic, because I live on Camp Pendleton(in case u didn't know, Pendleton is a USMC base), and my dad is in the Air Force, and i live so close to the ocean, that i can find a fishing boat, and half the people on the Bull Frog, half the people on the fishing boat and meet at the rig. and a Jeep in case we need to go into town for stuff. just park the Jeep at the docks, and when we get to the docks, leave the boat, and get in the Jeep. I just need to pray no one takes it.

now if i was being unrealistic, i'd have a lightsaber, a mini gun, everyone from my other blog, an Arc-170 Starfighter, and i'd go to the ISS.  :p

lets here your REALISTIC ideas