Ok, I'm no admin, so I know I can't do much about this, but we need to do a few changes to the wiki. I don't know what spacific things we should change, but that's why I'm making this blog. Down in the comments bellow, leave a comment on something that you think should be changed. For example, I just got done reading a blog. It got a lot of bad feedback. I didn't think it was really nice some of the things they said. But most of the negative comments were non-users. That's when I noticed a patern. Almost every blog I come across that has negative comments, 90% of them are from non-users. I can't for the life of me remember who came up with this thought, but one of the things we could change could be to make it so only registered users could comment. This is just an example of one of the things we could change. Leave a comment bellow to suggest something to be changed, even if you're not an admin. Any idea could be useful, no matter who suggests it. I just want to see fellow contributors treat each other better. Because, we're like a family. We all care for each other. So, lets fix our community. Lets all just give each other a big internet-hug. I care for everyone here. And I really think that with just the right amount of tweeking, we can make our community a better place. So if you have an idea, please. Feel free to speak up. Lets get to work.