Ok, ever since in found that website, The Laughing Dead (the place where I found all my funny TWD pics in my other blog, I've been checking it out at least once a day. Then i came across this pic on The Laughing Dead. It tests what your weapon of choice is in the event of a ZA. So, i'm puting it up here for the LOL's. My results were an AK-47. Have fun. Sorry it's not big enough. If you can zoom in on it, that would be swell. ;D

If you are having trouble reading it, then I'll just explain how it works. Take the month you were born in, the day, the year, and the color of the clothing you're wearing right now, and each of them equals a number of points. Afterward, you add the points and it'll tell what weapon you'll use. here's the key

What month were you born in?

Jan=1, Feb=2, Mar=3, Apr=4, May=5, Jun=6, Jul=7, Aug=8, Sep=9, Oct=10, Nov=11, Dec=12


1-5=1, 6-10=2, 11-15=3, 16-20=4, 21-25=5, 26-31=6


1950's=1, 1960's=2, 1970's=3, 1980's=4, 1990's=5, 2000=6

What's your curent clothing color?

black=1, green=2, blue=3, light blue=4, brown=5, purple=6, pink=7, grey(i think)=8, red=9, yellow=10, other=11


4=lamp, 5=butcher knife, 6=mini uzi, 7=playing cards, 8=ninja star, 9=infected, 10=katana, 11=fist, 12=chainsaw, 13=infected, 14=Bible, 15=a dog, 16=molotov cocktail, 17=teddy bear, 18=sniper rifle, 19=infected, 20=potato, 21=laptop, 22=grenade, 23=AK-47, 24=guitar, 25=shotgun, 26=flower pot, 27=infected, 28=machette, 29=nunchucks, 30=tank, 31=cell phone, 32=nutella jar, 33=Xbox controler, 34=RPG, 35=mini gun
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