Ok, it didn't seem like anything at first, but I took better note after replaying Episode 3 and I have a theory on something Chirsta and Omid have yet to announce to the group. First let me show you my evidence:

  • Omid is talking to Christa about how a group of people is "exactly what they need". Now, other than safety in numbers, ask yourself this: Why is a group of people "exactly what they need"?
  • Omid is excited to see Clemintine and says that it's good to see a kid again since the outbreak.
  • If you pull Omid in the train instead of Christa Omid will say, "No! Not me! Her! Don't you know..." but he's cut off because Christa jumps onto the train at the last second.

Call it a hunch, but I think Christa is pregnant. It's not much to go from, but it took me five seconds to come to that conclution. You guys might think I'm crazy, but I'm gonna stick to that speculation. What do you guys think?