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Prediction for the "Carl/Beth" relationship

Ok, let me start by saying, I haven't been on in a while, so I don't know if anyone has brought this up.  Also, I know their relationship isn't much, but still.  Ok, incase you haven't seen the sneek peek for the next episode, watch it below.

The Walking Dead 3x09 Sneak Peek 2 "The Suicide King"00:39

The Walking Dead 3x09 Sneak Peek 2 "The Suicide King"

Seen it?  Good.  Ok, so if you go on Ben's page, says that he's 17.  And if you look at Beth's page, it'll say she's, *gasp* what do you know?! 17!  My thought's?  He'll use her.  Carl will be jelous of them together.  When he finds out he's using her, he'll kill Ben.  Your thoughts?

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