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Ok, I remember reading somewhere that, to promote Season 3 of TWD, they were gonna make another set of webisodes. Can someone give a reminder of when the first set of webisodes came out so I can have an idea of when I can expect them? I, like many of you, am dying to see what they're about. I'm sure everyone remembers all the theories we made on them (eg. Sophia's reanimation, Merle's escape, ect.). And I'm sure everyone is not only excited about Season 3, but is excited to know if their theroy is true. I know that Season 3 starts in October, but I have NO idea when the webisodes come out. I don't if they come out in October with Season 3 or not. Maybe if I know when, I'd be a little more patient. So, if someone knows when the new webisodes will be released, please tell me.

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