Ok, so I said in my last blog that I would make my own custom TWD character seperatly. So here he is.

  • Gender: Male
  • Name: Michael Lawrence
  • Looks: Blue jeans, black leather jacket, unshaved face, shades, black hair.
  • Personality: Happy-go-lucky attitude, but can be a total badass when he needs to be
  • Weapons: Crowbar, Bow and Arrow
  • Base: Hilltop
  • Version: Comic
  • Background: Was an Olympic gold medalist for archery before the apocolypse. When all hell broke loose, he was on his own for months. He spent most of the apocolypse driving across the country all the way from California until he discovered Hilltop. He stayed there for the majority of the apocolypse. He was given an appartment, a place to practice his archery, and was givn lessons on hand-to-hand combat by Paul.
  • How he meats the main cast: As Paul is scouting Dwight, Michael finds Paul while he was scouting another group of Saviors that are on their way back after taking supplies from Hilltop. After they have the info they need, they head on back to Alexandrea and Paul introduces Rick to Michael.