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    "Telltale plans to tie Season 2 in closer with the television adaptation of The Walking Dead, and is investigating the possibility of creating ties between characters in the television show and those in Season 2"

    Ok, even if it is gonna have ties with the tv show, i still believe that it takes place in the comic's universe.  Meaning, while Clem is surviving w/o Lee, Rick and his crew are off at the prison (i'd say around the time they just settle in, so they haven't met the Brian Blake yet.).  Now they haven't introduced these following characters in the comics, but maybe they did that for a reason.  maybe those two figures in the distance at the end of season 1 were not Christa and Omid.  maybe it was Daryl and Merle.  thoughts?

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    Ok, it's been WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long since I last made an edit on here.  But I haven't left you people, for those who know/remember me.  I'm just letting you guys know that I'm still alive, and I would like to be updated on info.  What's going on in The Walking dead comics, tv, and video game?  I'll try to be on here more.  I've been spending more time on the Nazi Zombies Plus Wikia.  But I'll try to come back here more.

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    Ok, let me start by saying, I haven't been on in a while, so I don't know if anyone has brought this up.  Also, I know their relationship isn't much, but still.  Ok, incase you haven't seen the sneek peek for the next episode, watch it below.

    Seen it?  Good.  Ok, so if you go on Ben's page, says that he's 17.  And if you look at Beth's page, it'll say she's, *gasp* what do you know?! 17!  My thought's?  He'll use her.  Carl will be jelous of them together.  When he finds out he's using her, he'll kill Ben.  Your thoughts?

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    Issue 104; Damn..

    November 14, 2012 by Zombiehunter115

    WE GOT A BADASS OVER HERE! Holy crap, Carl. Going all OMA on the Saviors. He sure made a few of them piss in their pants a bit, but obviously Negan has not only seen what Carl can do, but he wants something out of that. What do you think he wants? Carl to join the Saviors? Leverage (since he is Rick's son)? What do you guys think?


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    Ok, so I said in my last blog that I would make my own custom TWD character seperatly. So here he is.

    • Gender: Male
    • Name: Michael Lawrence
    • Looks: Blue jeans, black leather jacket, unshaved face, shades, black hair.
    • Personality: Happy-go-lucky attitude, but can be a total badass when he needs to be
    • Weapons: Crowbar, Bow and Arrow
    • Base: Hilltop
    • Version: Comic
    • Background: Was an Olympic gold medalist for archery before the apocolypse. When all hell broke loose, he was on his own for months. He spent most of the apocolypse driving across the country all the way from California until he discovered Hilltop. He stayed there for the majority of the apocolypse. He was given an appartment, a place to practice his archery, and was givn lessons on hand-to…
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