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  • Zelazko

    Explain please. This doesn't make sense to list them as unknown for being absent for two episodes. Rick was absent for three consecutive episodes and nobody listed him as unknown.

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  • Zelazko

    I wonder how many hours do I need to spend to fnish this very first episode. My time is very limited due to the personal and occupational reasons so I want to know.

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  • Zelazko


    "The Season Pass gives you access to all five episodes as they become available (Episode 1 Available Now, Episodes 2-5 will be released periodically in 2014)"

    Does it mean that if I buy season 2 for $24.99 the steam unlocks for me following episodes as soon as they become available? Although the quote says this clearly that steam unlocks for you the upcoming episodes I still find it very confusing.

    Episode 2: A House Divided
    Episode 3: In Harm’s Way
    Episode 4: Amid the Ruins
    Episode 5: No Going Back

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  • Zelazko

    Mutilated rat thing

    December 2, 2013 by Zelazko

    Just seconds before Governor appeared in front of prison gates Tyreeese showed Rick and Daryl a mutilated rat. Clearly it wasn't doing of Carol. Also someone fed rats to the walkers in the earlier episode. We saw also a walker with spring trap in her leg when Carl and Hershel went to woods to collect berries. What might it hint at? I get the feeling that producers of the Walking Dead do this on purpose to create some kind of "mysterious enemy". Could it be the hunters? Or someone going crazy? Bob? Lizzie? I am interested to hear your theoires/opinions. 

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  • Zelazko

    Spoilers "Infected" deaths

    October 21, 2013 by Zelazko


    Who was the person lying next to burned body of Karen at the end of the episode? 

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