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I'm worried about the pacing of Season 5 and the seasons following, not that it will go too fast, but that it will drag out. I'd like a format such as:

Season 5

Episodes 1 - 4: Terminus

Episodes: 5 - 8: On The Road 

Episode: 8 (End): Cliffhanger: Aaron and Beth Revealed

Episodes: 9 - 10: On The Road To Alexandria

Episodes: 11 - 16: Alexandria

Episode: 16 (End): Cliffhanger: DC Scavengers

Season 6

Episode: 1: DC Scavengers

Episodes: 2 - 4: Alexandria

Episodes: 4 - 8: No Way Out Storyline

Episode: 8 (End): Cliffhanger: Carl's Eye Shot

Episode: 9: End Of No Way Out Storyline, Carl's Eye Resoloution

Episode: 10 - 12: Alexandria Clean-Up, Carl's Loss Of Memory

Episode: 13: Jesus' Introduction

Episodes: 14 - 15: Jesus' Outcome Contemplation

Episode: 16: On The Road To The Hilltop Colony

Episode: 16 (End): Cliffhanger: Hilltops' Introduction

Season 7

Episode: 1: Hilltops' Introduction Elaboration

Episodes: 2 - 4: Negan's Introduction (Not Phisically, In Word) Return To Alexandria

Episodes: 4: Alexandria Attacked Dwight Captured

Episode: 4 - 8: Contemplation And Possible Attack On Negan's Base

Episode: 8 (End): Cliffhanger: Negan's Introduction

Episode: 9: Large Death Like Issue #100

Episode: 10 - 12: Return To Alexandria

Episode: 13: Negan Comes To Collect His Half

Episodes: 14 - 15: Carl's Escape To The Sanctuary

Episode: 16: Rick's First Attack On Negan

Episode: 16 (End): Cliffhanger: Carl's line "I'm Sorry Dad."

Thankyou For Reading! Please Elaborate In The Comments Your Thoughts

Edit: Thanks For All The Comments. Another Thought, Do You Think Rick Will Ever Say His Famous Line "We Are The Walking Dead!"? If So, When?

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