I remember when we meet them there is a lot of talk about trusting strangers and " new people " and all. Remember when we go up that ladder they are arguing and if we later ask Christa about it it says christa dont like you prying or somethng, for some reason they need a child. Now hear me out.

Did you ever find it odd that the Voice we 1st hear on the radio in episode 3,4 and 5 changed when we met the dude in person? and that it is credited with 2 different voice actors, we all just assumed it was the stranger the whole time and Telltale hired a new actor for some reason, what if the voice on the radio is another character who was working with the station wagon stranger? 

Ok here is where it gets crazy.

The 1st Radio voice sounds like a gerogia/southern accent, the only person i can think off is Terry St John, now i know Brenda implied he was dead, but she never SAID it, maybe he left for a while because he and brenda had problems, and he decided to come back right on the night it all goes down, He see's his family (see bold text below for possible scenarios) so he follows Lee and the rest of them back to the Motel and spys on them, He also runs into the stranger who tells him that Lee's crew stole his stuff so they Join forces to get revenge, They meet Omid and Christa and Kidknapp there CHILD ( Maybe the child from season 2 poster? XD ) and force them into helping them Get clem to get at Lee. Now back to Omid and Christa arguing on the overpass

" [I]A group of guys is what we need[/I] " - Omid wants to get there child back by force and wants help

" [I]They are what you THINK we need[/I] " Christa wants to stick with the Clem plan

I know it is heavily implied that Christa is pregnant but it could be a rouse, When she got upset over the sonogram she could have been thinking about her OWN kid, and we see her take a big ol gulp of that whiskey....

So yeah, they are being blackmailed, I can really see Telltale doing this because of the hints about not trusting strangers.

Anyway Terry and the station wagon guy ( Im gunna call him SWS from now on ) follow them to the coast, all the time speaking to omid and christa via ANOTHER radio, Terry is the one taunting them in episode 4 and i dont know why only SWS confronts you at the end, mabey Terry was elswhere planning something ( or even with Omid and Christa at that time )

It would be a shock and give good replay value, going back in time to tell clem to NOT go with Omid and Christa....

I have no idear where the hell the 400 days people fit in to this, thats why this theory is far out, but what do you think?


Terry comes home, if you did not Kill Andy or Danny He finds them, Andy has been bit and is dying, and Danny is dying from blood loss in the bear trap, He finds out infomation about Who did it from one of his dying sons, they tell him about the motor inn, and thats how he finds them

He comes home, if you only kill ONE brother, he finds out Info from the one you left alive who then dies soon after

He comes home, if you killed both Andy and Danny, Terry see's them walking down the drive a long way a way and tracks them down.[/B]