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Lets look at the facts of the 400 days epilouge

  • Vince will join if he shoots Danny's ankle off.

So its fact that Vine HAS to do a certian thing to make sure he goes with tavia

  • Bonnie will join regardless.

So no matter what, Telltale wanted Bonnie to go

  • Russell will join if Tavia tells him there may be people he knows there, hoping to find his grandmother.

Russ can only be conviced during the epilouge, dont matter what happens in his episode

  • Wyatt will join if he stays in the car, or Tavia tells him there may be people he knows there, hoping to find Eddie.

Can go based on choice OR be convinced

  • Shel will join if she and Becca leave the Pitstop in fear of Roman finding them, or Tavia tells them there are people of all ages at the community. Becca will also join if Shel does


So what do you think this means? Alot of people have said they think Bonnie will be the PC next season ( that would really really suck ) because you cant change her mind about going, but what i think happens with Bonnie is she gets caught stealing Medicine or something and is about to be banished from the community, and the group decides if they go with her or let her get kicked out. I just really wanna know what difference it makes about who goes or not, as do we all im sure.