Hi everyone!


Here's the first sneak peek of the next episode, which is expected to launch in February. We can see how Andrea tries to stop The Governor from killing Daryl & Merle.


Now, looking at the promo, we can see some particular things:

- Glenn says "We can end this tonight". It could refer the suicide pact between Julie and his boyfriend in the comic series.

- Daryl is seen at 0:15 outside Woodbury, so he could probably escape. Also, he can be seen at 0:12 with Rick inside the Prison, which means Daryl WILL scape. However, Merle isn't seen at any time in the sneak peek.

- Andrea carries a walker to the prison.

- Hershel and Rick will start arguing, again.

Here's the link to the promo:


Here's the second sneak peek:


Hope you like it!