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  • Yanderia

    Telltale originally said it'll be out around the middle of August. But apparently the wiki page here says July 21st. Is that true? If so when did they announce it?

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  • Yanderia

    And Lilly's dad isn't Everett in Telltales game.. So this basically means, the game isn't really canon.. In a way I guess.

    So what's gonna happen in the game since it looks like it's different from the upcoming novel? Is the game gonna show a different story on how Lilly got to Woodbury? And should we even consider the game canon anymore? Or something like an alternate universe?

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  • Yanderia

    So, who do you guys think will die in episode 3? I'm thinking either Katjaa and/or Ben. And probably some of the new characters. We know Lilly's probably gonna be leaving in episode 3, and we'll probably come across Woodbury. And Kenny's gonna stay until at least episode 4.

    What do you guys think's gonna happen?

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  • Yanderia

    I was thinking, maybe if Lee and the other survivors went to Hershel's farm again around the time Hershel first kicked Rick's group out (But Glenn stayed to be with Maggie), maybe we'd see him again. I'm not sure how they'd stumble up across the farm again, or if they'd even attempt to considering Hershel kicked them out over Shawns death.. But I think that'd be pretty cool. I'd say the chance is slim, but I'm kinda hoping something similar to that will happen.

    We already know Lee's group's gonna make it to Woodbury eventually in episode 3. Do you think the Governor will be there? I'm really hoping he will be.

    And maybe Abraham and his group will be encountered? I think that'd be cool.

    So far only Lily, Glenn, and Hershel from the comics have…

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