The trophies for 400 Days came out! There's 8 more, and they all have to do with 400 Days.

Chain Gang: Completed Vince's chapter. -Bronze

Abandoner: Completed Wyatt's chapter. -Bronze

Friends Like These: Completed Russell's chapter. -Bronze

Who Goes There?: Completed Bonnie's chapter. -Bronze

Paradise Lost: Completed Shel's chapter. -Bronze

Loose Ends: Completed the epilogue. -Gold

Two Out of Three: Won a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors. -Bronze

Reunited: Found an old friend. -Bronze

There they are. Also, just to put everything into one blog, the release dates for 400 Days were announced a little bit ago.

PSN: July 2nd (North America), July 10th (Europe).

Xbox LIVE: July 5th (Worldwide).

PC/Mac: July 3rd (Worldwide).

iOS: July 11th (Worldwide).

Everyone be sure to comment below on what you think about this. Personally, I'm pretty excited about this, and I think the "Old Friend" is gonna be either Kenny, Lilly, Christa, or Omid. I hope it's Kenny be cause I believe he is still alive. Let me know what you guys think!