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TWD's Funniest Moments

Hey guys! I basically made this blog because I wanted to see what people thought the funniest moment's in any media of The Walking Dead are. Personally, mine was in the video game, in Starved for Help. In episode 1, if you told Clementine it smells like shit in Hershel's farm, then talk to Duck at the dairy in episode 2, Duck will say, "It smells funny in here..." and Clementine will say, "Like shit! Right, Lee?" Haha, then evryone just stares at her, Duck gasps, and Lee tells her not to use that language. Other than that, I like when Maggie killed the armored walker in season 3 and she's all, "Ya see that?" with the crazy look on her face. Let me know what your favorite funny moments are, everyone!

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