Hey guys, I was wondering something- Who do you think your 2 survivors from 400 Days will be in Season 2? If I understand correctly, it seems like of the five characters you play, two will survive and make it to Season 2, but you get to choose which two. I think you will be able to choose which of the two characters you play as in Season 2.


Vince appears to be a man who is on his way to prison. He looks to be about in his mid-twenties, therefore he would be a good supply runner and a fighter for the group. His prison record could mirror Lee's, making him a good leader and muscle, or he could possibly be a dick, as he is on his way to prison. Most likely the latter, as him being a great guy could possibly be a rehash of Lee. I'm guessing he'll be a good guy and a loyal person, and a fighter, but hot-headed, like Kenny.


Bonnie looks about in her early-twenties and quick on her feet, also sneaky, as it looks like she is a graduate of college as well. She would be an ideal choice for a supply runner in the apocalypse. She seems like she would be a sort of Carley figure, possibly being a good shot and, if you play as a male character, his lover. 


Russel is a college graduate, as revealed by the Vines. He would be a good leader with his sense of moral knowledge, as well as a good supply runner. He would be the ideal choice for a leader in my opinion, as he is a graduate. 


Shel looks about in her mid-twenties, and she seems to be a waitress or something along those lines at Red's Diner. She would be a good person in a zombie appocalypse, especially if she got all that food from Red's. SHe could also help another character in during the apocalypse, saving them and fortifying Red's. 


Wyatt looks like an elderly man who was a professor, possibly knowing Russell and Bonnie before the apocalypse. He most likely is the father or foremer teacher of Eddie. In my opinion, Wyatt would not be an ideal choice in an apocalypse for he would only be slow and get in the way, and he wouldn't go on supply runs because of his age.

So all in all, my choices would be Russell and Bonnie. I would play as Russell if I am correct and we get to choose which of our two we play as. Let me know what you guys think and why, please. Thanks!