Recently some photos have been released for walking dead issue 101, and now it gives us a real small look at what's to come. So let's get to some serious speculation here.

First panel opens with a full page spread of the survivors looking on in horror. Rick says "No..". Maggie punches him in the face, saying her line. Carl points a gun at her. They have a brief confrontation with Rick apologizing, and Maggie reacts with anger. They continue on and get to the gates of Hilltop Colony. Kal throws a spear down and kills a walker. They open the gates for Rick. Jesus greets him and asks what happened. Rick shows him Glenn's body in the van. Sophia asks Carl if he was really going to shhot Maggie. Carl says of course not and apologizes for Glenn's death. She says everybody she loves dies and asks if it's because of her. Carl tells her it has nothing to do with her and they hug. They make plans and end up with Kenneth finally getting introduced, and he finds several fighters willing to help Rick fight the Saviors. It consists of Jesus, Kal, Eduardo, and several unnamed characters to be revealed with names. Eduardo apologizes to Mandy who is revealed and the two embrace before the group leaves. Rick and the others get back to Alexandria and they mourn for Glenn. Andrea and Rick embrace, glad to be alive. Maggie tells them that she will kill Negan herself. Jesus apologizes for their loss, and Kal tells them they need to be thinking of a plan. Issue ends with a full spread of Rick saying, "Here's the plan. We use the week he gave us and get the fuck outta here."

Thats just what I think Rick would do and what any person would do in a situation like this. He would use a day to tell the people who fight (Andrea, Michonne, Maggie, Nicholas, Rosita, Eugene, Holly, Unnamed Guards, Heath, Spencer, Olivia maybe) the plan. A day to tell everybody else the plan, a day to gather food and supplies and EVERYTHING. And lastly, a day to evacuate. This would be his only choice. Let me know what you guys think.