Hey guys, I just wanted to know what everyone thought would happen in Season 3 Episode 15, 'This Sorrowful Life'.

Spoilers for the Comic Series!!!

Okay, so in 'The Best Defense' in the comics, Rick lost his right hand. 'This Sorrowful Life' was all about him escaping with Michonne, Glenn, Martinez, Dr. Stevens, and Alice, and eventually ramming over Martinez with the RV. Michonne also tortured the crap out of The Governor. So I'm thinking Rick's gonna start seeing Lori again, like in the preview.

1) I think The Governor will torture Andrea and rape her like Michonne from the comics, but she will break free eventually in the episode.

2) She will attack The Governor in his apartment and torture him, much like Michonne did in the comics. She will cut off his right arm, drill a hole in his shoulder, and maybe nail his... erm... Nevermind.

3) Rick will see Lori because he thought he was seeing things when The Governor tackled Andrea.

4) Andrea will escape to the prison along with Milton, Tyreese, Sasha, and Dr. Stevens.

5) Stevens or Milton will get bit on the way out, and Allen and Ben will try to kill Tyreese and Sasha as they leave.

6) Episode ends with the remaining fleeing people reaching thew prison.

What do you think?