Yes!! Telltale finally put up a preview for 'No Time Left'!!

Things are looking intense! Here are a few screenshots we've seen before just to put it all in one blog post.

Omid, Ben, Christa, and Kenny hold the mansion door shut without Lee? I think this is a determinant scene.

We,ve all seen this one where Lee chops off a zombie's head. Looks sick!


Now Lee's climbing over that sign over an alleyway. Looks pretty epic in my opinion.

So yeah, that's all! Share your thoughts in the comments below and make predictions for what happens in No Time Left. My prediction: Lee and whoever came with him will look for Clementine, if Kenny came with you he'll sacrifice himself in an alleyway, Ben dies for Clementine and is the hero, and if Lee was alone, he'll go back and Christa and Omid will come with him to fight Campman. You'll kill him any way you want to, and you can make it brutal for him. You start to succumb to your bite and leave Christa and Omid in charge of Clementine. If you went alone, you'll go back for help and find the house overrun and Kenny is dead. Ben ran off, Christa and Omid come with you, as I mentioned above. You'll proceed to go to Campan and Ben comes out of nowhere and saves Clem somehow like maybe he takes a bullet or whatever, still making him a hero. In the end, Christa reveals that she's pregnant and she, Omid, and Clementine go off on the boat while Lee watches from the docks, sitting in silence. He finally succumbs to his wounds and falls onto his side, ending the season.

That's all, and post your predictions in the comments.

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