This is what I think will happen after the prison arc and how these characters will be introduced.

Prison survivors: Rick, Daryl, Carl, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie (maybe Beth).

They head out in search of a new place too call home. Eventually they find a small department store to sleep in for the night. Daryl kicks the door down and spots four people surrounding a small radio. These four are Abraham, Eugene, Rosita and a new survivor exclusive to the tv series (they've been doing this a lot lately). Abraham is hostile towards Rick group and Rosita will be the voice of reason, calming everyone down. Abraham becomes close to Rick and Daryl and they tell them about DC. They all head out together, eventually coming across the hunters who kidnapp Eugene or the new character. The hunters tell them they've been feeding off Mexican for a few weeks and they discover it too be Morales and his family. Rick and the group kill all the hunters, coming across one of their prisoners, Tyresse. Tyresse tells them about the Safe Zone he is from and welcomes them to join. They come to the Alexandria Safe Zone where Rick reuintes with Morgan and Duane.

Also I came up with the season 4 or 5 (whichever this would take place in) episode names.Let me know what you think:

Season 4 1.On the Run2.DC3.Fear the Hunters4.Life Among Them5.From Here on Out6.Murder7.Silent Night8.No Way Out (Mid Season Finale)9.Closer10.Revolution11.One-Eyed12.No one left to Lose13.Eye Spy14.Captured15.Hilltop16.Somthing to Fear