After season 3 (and possibly season 4) is over with and the prison arc ends, Who lives? who dies? and what happens next? Make predictions about what will happen ater the prison story is over with, what will the surivers encounter next?

I think only: Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Daryl and a prisoner will be the only survivors from our little group. I can see Daryl leaving the group, it will remind him too much of his dead brother and secret lover Carol and will give him a chance to start off somewhere fresh. He leaves and Rick and company encounter Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. They eventually come to ASZ and Tyresse lives there as a resident (their going to need the muscle since Daryl is gone). Then when it comes to the Saviors arc (If the show goes on for that amount of time) they will come across Paul and the Hilltop, only to find out Daryl is living there. Daryl tells them he's been scouting the Saviors and then thats when they come across Nega. I cant predict after that simply because the comic only goes up to that point lol.

We'll your guy's turn!!!