Now that I have your attention, what if Randal had survived. Scenario: Shane takes Randall into the woods, Shane tries to snap his neck, Randall slips through and runs off, Shane chases him and hits his head by tripping on a log. He goes back to the farm, tells them Randall snuck up on him and hit him and he stole his gun. They go out blah blah blah. Anyways, Daryl and Glenn find Randall and Randall tells them what happened and Shane is going to kill Rick. They find out he was telling the truth and he escapes with them on the farm and is with them at the end of season 3.

Season 3, what would Randal's roll be. Would the group trust him? Would he turn on them if given the chance? Would they still treat him like garbage?

I think they should of kept him alive but I know it was necessiary so Shane could lure rick into the woods. I personally think he and Beth could have had a Daryl & Carol type thing. Herschel would definetly hate the kid obviously as well as Rick i would think. I think Daryl and him would of been pals personally. But I think Randall would die at the woodbury battle.

What do you guys think???