Just had a thought a while back & wanted to hear your thoughts. Since we know Norman Reedus originally auditioned to play the role of Merle Dixon and didn't get it, but after his performance they made a character specifically for Norman, Merles younger brother Daryl Dixon. So since Daryl was never originally planned to be in the show and Merle was, what were they going to have Merle Dixon do without the story line with his brother ? Was he originally supposed to be just left behind on the rooftop and devoured by walkers ? Would T Dog had chained the door shut still ? Was Merle originally supposed to make it too Woodbury ? Farther down the storyline say Saviors ?

Personally, i think Merle would of died on the rooftop via Walker devouration. I think the morale of that story was going to be: If you dont set aside differences and dont work together, you die. So technicaly, i think, Daryl extended Merles character and thank him for that because then i would of never of had Merle as my favorite walking dead character.

Tgoughts ?