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  • XbowXpert

    Now before I start, I know i am going to get those smart ass people in here who say "oh look another daryl fanboy" or "nope didnt change my mind"..well, just hear me out for a second, you will, however, be contradicting yourself after i teach you about the history of daryl dixon and point out "reasons" why he is hated and prove them to be false.

    Daryl first appeared in season 1 after he came back from a hunt. He found out his brother was missing and went beserk. He ended up following the group to the cdc and still acted like a jack ass to everyone.

    Season 2: They relocate on a farm where Daryl secludes himself from everyone else and has nothing else to do on the farm (since he has no friends) and ends up looking for Sophia (and merle). By th…

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  • XbowXpert

    I think there were a bunch of great characters who were killed off to early or we just could not get enough of. I think it would be cool if we pay tribute here to our fellow dead walking dead characters and what would of happened of they lasted longer!!!

    Randal: He was an interesting character and if given proper development could of had an interesting story arc. Had he survived Shanes attack, it would of been cool seeing him getting closer and trying to earn his way into the group. This could of been his story arc for season 3. Also, I would of had him start a relationship with Beth and having them officially dating at the end of season 3. With Beths current story arc, it would of been interesting too see him and how he would react to Beth…

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  • XbowXpert

    Merle's Original Storyline

    February 26, 2014 by XbowXpert

    Just had a thought a while back & wanted to hear your thoughts. Since we know Norman Reedus originally auditioned to play the role of Merle Dixon and didn't get it, but after his performance they made a character specifically for Norman, Merles younger brother Daryl Dixon. So since Daryl was never originally planned to be in the show and Merle was, what were they going to have Merle Dixon do without the story line with his brother ? Was he originally supposed to be just left behind on the rooftop and devoured by walkers ? Would T Dog had chained the door shut still ? Was Merle originally supposed to make it too Woodbury ? Farther down the storyline say Saviors ?

    Personally, i think Merle would of died on the rooftop via Walker devouration. …

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  • XbowXpert

    As we all know (at least those who read the comics and watch the tv show) both Daryl and Dwight wield a Crossbow. Now, if Daryl survives up to this point (and dosnt get lucielled), could he get an hot iron pressed right onto his face? If Dwight dosnt get introduced into the tv show, i can see this happening. Maybe, Carl finds his way to the saviors hideout and Daryl tries to follow them back to their hideout (like jesus did) and gets captured but dosnt get lucky like Jesus and is kept hostage...Negan leads Carl into the chamber place and uses the hot iron on Daryls face to show Carl that he dosnt mess around and scare the kid. Thoughts ???

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  • XbowXpert

    wat do u guys think wat role merle will play? will he be loyal to rick? if given a chance would he return back too woodbury? how will he interact with daryl, rick, michonne, glenn and maggie? how will he interact with the new prison group members, Axel, tyresse, herschel, allen? i think this will be interesting enough to watch this next half for. and most importantly, will he die this season and by the hands of who?

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