I have been on this wiki for a long time, i have done my fair share of contribution and recently i have seen a lot of vandalism, here is some examples of recent vandalism

"*Glenn is one of two characters who has a china face,the other being Vince ." Which was on Glenns VG Page

"Cayla was turned by a Super Zombie named Musiah Robinson" Which was on Cayla Ridleys Page

And a lot more on her page-

Hair = Fire Crotch

and her description -

On October 8th, 1993 Cayla Christine Ridley was found roaming the woods around Eatonton ,GA leading a pack of Red Wolves. While her actual birthdate is unknown, the age of the chile was estimated to be around 3 years. Initially, the young ferral demon toddler had no verbal skills, or blatter control, and responded only to the smell of propane. Communication was limmited to a series of bird like screaches and complicated patterns of arm swinging.

Upon her discovery, the American Foundation for Human Developement (AFHD) labeled their new find "Specimen Ging", shipped her to the big city of Atlanta,  and administered a series of tests and therapies to the child to measure her mental capasities. While early signs showed little promise, persisting doctors began to notice small improvements in attention span and visual recognition of basic shapes through years of electroshock therapy. 

By the age of 20, Specimen Ging had developed the mental faculties of an average kindergartener and the AFHD was losing interest in the study as quickly as they were losing revinue. Soon after, the once famed failed science experiment was thrown out on the street to fend for herself once more. However this time around, she was living in a concrete jungle. The only learned trait that she had absorbed through repeated conditioning was to moan incessently for avocados and vodka until her needs were met. 

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===You know when your playing chess and you want to get around the other persons pawns to take out all the real threats, Poops are meant to be in the backround, thats what I think zombie movies are all about, its not about the zombies at all actually, its all about the survivors trying to survive in a world that has no hope." - Zach===

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