Rick Grimes: I feel Rick flops back and forth between being the leader of the group and being just another survivor. If you ask me, I have a feeling they might actually kill off Rick later in the series.

Carl Grimes: Carl seems to show more confidence as the show goes on, and his survival skills improve every episode that goes by.

Maggie Greene: Since the loss of her father, I feel Maggie will become a little bit more vulnerable, and she will need a few episodes to regain herself. She is an excellent fighter and uses a gun well.

Beth Greene: Although many consider Beth a waste, I feel her character is important for the other characters sanity. She is always seen doing selfless acts, helping baby Judith most of the time, helping injured allies, ect. If you ask me, Beth cant be replace or be killed off, for she has become a more major part of the group.

Glenn Rhee: After witnessing the slaughter of Hershel Greene, he will have to take care for Beth and Maggie more to help them regain their will power, and their thoughts. He has become very useful, as he is almost always getting supplies for the group and taking care of them as best as he can.

Michonne: She is a very important part of the group, as her and Daryl take over leadership (along with Hershel before his demise) when Rick decides it isn't for him. She is always seen going on supply runs, and is always making sure the group is safe along with the other survivors.

Daryl Dixon: Daryl is maybe the most important person in the group, he shows kindness towards the more shy and fragile members of the group and courage and danger towards the more active, fighting survivors. He tries to treat everybody equally, but treats others more fair than some people.

Lilly & Tara: Although they are in unknown circumstances, I feel atleast Lilly will come back to the show alive in February. They both show confidence and support towards what they believe and they always help those close to them.

Judith Grimes: She, along with Beth, shows the group hope and the will to continue surviving. Due to her infancy, I cant say much about her.

Carol Peletier: Due to Melissa McBride revealing her character is still alive, I have a lot of faith that Carol will survive through most of the series. She has become strong, independent, and agile since the 3rd season. Carol shows the group determination and shows the surviving Woodbury children how to use a knife. She is a very important character in my eyes.

Tyreese: Tyreese I have been switching back and forth with, I feel his temper might get the best of him and kill him in some sort of way. Due to Karen's death, he has become more emotionally unstable, and it makes it hard to believe he is trying to protect his sister.

Sasha: Sasha is Tyreese's younger sister, she is helpful, hopeful and a determined survivor. But, if you ask me, Sasha will die around the 5th season, and maybe earlier or later, but she will definitely die sooner into the series.

If theres anybody I forgot, please let me know! I was only doing Main Characters during this, and I was also doing very important supporting characters. Bye :)