So I was thinking the other day about how they could introduce the Hunters. It would probably have to be around episode maybe 14 but if not defiantly 15 or 16 and continue into early SE5. I was thinking about what if they went down the route like in the comic where Maggie attempts to hang herself in the forest (but that's a bit out of character for TV Maggie and would make her a massive hypocrite considering she pleaded so hard with Beth back in SE2) but lets just say they did it in the TV series and she's hanging from a tree and the group start to panic and go searching for her, we see Glenn and Rick and others running through the forest and then we see just hands untie or cut the noose and then Glenn and Rick arrive to where Maggie was .... before she was taken by the Hunters. I think that could be a cool way to introduce them but I'd rather not see Maggie die but perhaps someone like Bob who is wounded by that gun shot wound in his shoulder, what do you guys think?