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    Regarding Sophia -- Why?

    November 4, 2012 by XDember

    [Spoilers Ahead -- if you haven't watched to at least "What Lies Ahead", do not read any further unless you do not mind spoilers.]

    Personally, I'm very curious as to why Sophia ran from that little cave-like location in the creek in the first place -- and more importantly, why she changed directions and took off farther into the woods.

    Rick told her to stay there and wait for him, and that if she absolutely needed to run, to run back toward the highway and keep the sun on her left shoulder. She might have been terrified and afraid for her life, but wouldn't that make her more determined to listen to a trusted adult, even/especially for a child, rather than to just panic for no reason and run off into the forest, for what, shits and giggles?


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