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Here are a few Season 3 predictions of mine - getting ready to marathon Season 2 for the premiere! :)

  • I think we're all expecting Woodbury to be the major story arc in season 3, and I'm expecting it to wrap up with a final, bloody showdown in the final episode. Several current main characters will probably be killed off in the season finale, including Lori
  • I think Merle's return as a member of Woodbury will be a triple-cross - in that he will attempt to convince Rick he's infiltrated Woodbury in order to gain an upper hand for his brother and the group, but with the intention of then betraying them to The Governor.
  • Something will have to give where T-Dog is concerned when Merle shows up, possibly T-Dog's death. Joining him in this fate before the finale will probably be one or more of a few other notable characters in the group, such as Hershel, Maggie, and Carol.
  • Rick will probably lose his hand at the "hands" of Merle - an eye for an eye...

Comment below with your own predictions, or write a blog of your own!
Will Merle successfully exact his revenge on Rick this season?

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