After watching the Season 3 Finale, it is apparent that Robert Kirkman wants to take a different route from the comics. For better or for worst is yet to be seen, but it leaves us wondering; where will The AMC Walking Dead go with itself since they aren't vaguely going to follow the comics. Many people have already given their thoughts what the series should do, and I'm here going to share my thoughts on how I think the series should change and where it should go.

Before I begin with my thoughts regarding the comics, I have to get the Governor and the Prison out of the way. The Governor is a fantastic villian, and it's wonderful seeing him becoming more and more sinister. However, like anything cool, if it's used too much, it loses its value and wonder it once had. Before the finale, I was hoping the Governor would die; only because I thought it was time for a new villian or opposition for Rick's group. To be honest, I thought the conflict with Woodbury was growing more and more stale by the minute. The conflict finally reached the climax when Rick went to rescue Glenn for the first time and the Governor established they were going to war, but after that; the climax and intensity of the situation slowly was diminishing as the show focused on them preparing for battle. While the tactic of getting to an intense point of a story, then focusing on pre-battle situations can be used well, they did it for 7 episodes and when the battle finally arrived it wasn't as satisfying as one would hope. To be clear before I go on, I did love the Season FInale and enjoy watching it, I just thought the payoff for the battle of the prison was non-existent. Anyways, back to the Governor, I did enjoy and find it interesting how they left off the Governor; but the last thing I want is for another season, with 16+ episodes, to be focusing on the Governor. We've already seen him be evil, but it would certainly be a mistake to have the emphasis of season 4 on the continued crisis with him. In my opinion, the Governor should play a smaller role in Season 4 or just have the crisis with the Governor last only a few episodes; rather than an entire season. Bottom line, something new is needed.

Next, the prison. I wanna go and say that I did NOT want Rick's group to be that much bigger; if anything, it should've been smaller. The problem with large groups is, since The Walking Dead episodes are only around 40-50 minutes, it's hard to have an adequete amount of time for character development, and the plot of the season. With more people, this will lead to a lot of backtracking, and uninteresting filler. While I do like some filler, like when they go to Rick's hometown for supplies and run into a unhinged Morgan, too much of it is annoying; as seen on the farm. After my fear of filler and backtracking, I already thought the Prison was dragged out long enough. Since they have such a secure place to call home, the zombies become an irrelevant threat that are just in the way; versus a legitmate fear and threat. I loved the first season, because while they were in a "safe haven" it could be attacked at anytime. Same thing with the farm, it could've been attacked at anytime, but for the prison, it's already cleared out and safe. Yes, I know they explain that there is a breach in the prison, and yes, I am aware of "The tombs," but those are not explored at all to make it an unnerving threat. These two threats both come off as an annoyance rather than a threat. A way they could've proposed the legitimate threat of the tombs and breaches, would be to have some time dedicated and focused on Rick's group trying to keep them secure and have a few things go comepletely wrong. It would've reminded the audience, that Rick's group isn't completely safe and it would've also been a painful reminder when we see some of our favorite characters no longer in the precense of the living. However, another problem with this is, this could almost be seen as a rehashing as "Killer Within," when Andrew sabatoges the prison. While I am coming off as a comic book fanboy, I want to address that I love the show more than the comics, and I believe good can come from AMC's decision for the Season Finale; I'm just more concerned about the dullness and filler that could come out of this. Now, to my next thought.

Now that I've gotten my thoughts on where Season 3 left off, I want to discuss what I want to happen for Season 4. Since I've already mentioned that I want the show to be different from the comics, I would like to see the differences explored. What do I mean by that? Well, I think AMC should virtually ignore Negan and the saviors and heavily alter the Alexandria Safe Zone plot or not include it at all. Because, despite the showing being different from the comics, it still roughly follows the comics. Such as, the Atlanta camp, the Farm, and the Woodbury/Prison plot. While all of these are roughly based off of how it happened in the comics, I'd like to see something completely new. Instead of a similar ASZ plot and having it in the prison, it should be something totally new like focusing on keeping the prison secure and having "fights" between survivors; since there are so many of them and it's fair to expect people to see differently in that large of a group. If they were to do this, they could have a lot of cool sub plots and keep the main theme of survival in the show instead of getting off course, and if the Governor comes back during a survivor sub plot, it would be so much more dramatic. I think the show should follow a formula something like that; rather than having a huge emphasis on one villian, which can very easily become stale.

Which leads me to my next point. I think Negan should be either virtually ignored or, like I hope the Governor will be, a smaller role in a bigger story. Negan is just another governor and doesn't add anything new; aside from the fact that he has a different personality, he still uses fear to gain power. It just comes off as rehasing to me, but I guess people think differently. What I think Negan should be is either another guy to help the governor, or just some bandit that the plot doesn't center around. Either way, only time will tell. Anyways, if you took the time to read this I appreciate it, and I'm not trying to be spiteful towards people who don't agree with me; so if you disgree with me, I'm not trying to say your stupid or anything for that manner. I'm just saying how I feel about The Walking Dead and feel free to tell me what you think. I enjoy the feedback.