After watching the season finale of The Walking Dead...I am conflicted. Before I continue, I would like to say that I am aware the show is trying to be different than the comics. There is a lot of stuff I liked, that the show did differently than the comics. The entire conflict with Shane, the buildup to the barn walkers, Dale and Andrea have a father-daughter relationship over a romance, Sophia's death, etc. However, this is one of the biggest diferences between the comics and shows, and not for the better (in my opinion.)

I feel as if the boasting of "27 character deaths" was an extremely twisted truth, because 22 unnamed random Woodbury soldiers died, 3 people who we barely saw and had one line died, 1 person we forgot exsisted died, and probably the most hated character died. I am aware that unnamed characters needed to die, since there aren't enough legitmate characters to kill off, but don't act like you can't kill off a couple. My problem with that, is there was a decent amount of build-up for this battle, and it lasted 5 minutes; resulting in everyone at the prison okay and the Governor severely crippled. I liked how, in the comics, that it was a bloodbath for both Woodbury and the prison because it made the entire situation more dramatic and sad when our favorite characters died. And now that the Governor is down to only 2 people, this is going to result in the Governor sabatoging the Prison somehow, or he finds another army....somehow.

Before I go any further, I want to say I enjoyed the episode, for what it was, and thought it was interesting what they decided to do with the Governor, but because of his character, we already know that this newfound community isn't going to last that long. My biggest complaint is simply the fact, that they missed a perfectly good opprutunity to get rid of the prison and take the series in a different direction. Whether it's with the Alexandria Safe Zone and the Saviors, or something else entirely creative; either way, a change of scenery would've been nice.

I don't think this a horrible episode, but a poor way to end the season. Tell me what ya think!