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  • WyattTheAwesome

    After watching the Season 3 Finale, it is apparent that Robert Kirkman wants to take a different route from the comics. For better or for worst is yet to be seen, but it leaves us wondering; where will The AMC Walking Dead go with itself since they aren't vaguely going to follow the comics. Many people have already given their thoughts what the series should do, and I'm here going to share my thoughts on how I think the series should change and where it should go.

    Before I begin with my thoughts regarding the comics, I have to get the Governor and the Prison out of the way. The Governor is a fantastic villian, and it's wonderful seeing him becoming more and more sinister. However, like anything cool, if it's used too much, it loses its valu…

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  • WyattTheAwesome

    After watching the season finale of The Walking Dead...I am conflicted. Before I continue, I would like to say that I am aware the show is trying to be different than the comics. There is a lot of stuff I liked, that the show did differently than the comics. The entire conflict with Shane, the buildup to the barn walkers, Dale and Andrea have a father-daughter relationship over a romance, Sophia's death, etc. However, this is one of the biggest diferences between the comics and shows, and not for the better (in my opinion.)

    I feel as if the boasting of "27 character deaths" was an extremely twisted truth, because 22 unnamed random Woodbury soldiers died, 3 people who we barely saw and had one line died, 1 person we forgot exsisted died, and…

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