Hey everyone. It's Wolverine1717 and I was thinking about season 2 of Telltale's The Walking Dead Game. I remembered someone saying that choices you made in season 1 will carry over and affect you in season 2. Which got me thinking. What choices could carry over? Obviously ones like "Keep your hair short" "Stay away from cities" "Find Christa and Omid" will be what Clementine remembers directly after Lee's death. But what other choices, possibly made by Lee, will affect Clementine and others in season 2? What could've happened that will come back up in season 2? Possibly about if you brought Lilly or ditched her? Lost Kenny in the alley or the hospital? Shot Lee or left him? What could return and how? And the big question is...will it come back to help you or bite you in the butt?