Hey everyone! Spoilers for episode 3. Wat a great episode, episode 3 was! Wow! Anyway, I was just thinking about something major in The Walking Dead Game...Death!

Thinking back to season 1 episode 1, about 80% of those characters are dead or missing. This got me to thinking, when will season 2's bloodbath episode be?

What I mean by this is that I think we can agree Season 1, episode 3 was it's bloodbath dynamic changer episode. We lost the motor inn, along with Doug/Carley (R.I.P), Kaatjaa, Duck, and left Lilly behind. That's FOUR characters from episode 1 gone in a matter of minutes. Will we have something like that in season 2? I think it will be next episode. Let's go over who we have.

Clementine, Luke, and Kenny I see as safe at least until episode 5. Jane seems like the new Molly and I see her sticking around. Bonnie should be getting some time before dying so I see her surviving, especially if we start meeting more 400 days characters. Everyone else is fair game.

We have Sarita, who will likely die either way in episode 4, just sooner if she stays bitten.

Then Rebecca, who will likely die during childbirth next episode.

Nick, who could have died in episode 2, and seeing how he survived 3, will likely die in the next one.

Mike, who is a cool character, but likely just the next Chuck or Mark.

And Sarah being the only 50/50, she may survive, or they may pull a Sophia moment...who knows.

That's 4-5 pretty major deaths we could see next episode, and I believe we will see at least 3 of them, also considering episode 1 had 2 deaths (Omid and Pete) and episode had a possible of three if you hated Nick (Walter, Nick, and Alvin) and episode 3 had a possible of 2 not counting Reggie, Carver, or Troy (Alvin and Carlos), we haven't had that episode yet where the end group is totally different then when the episode started like S1, E3.

Let me know your thought and if you agree or disagree. Thanks!