Hey guys it’s me, Wolverine1717. I just wanted to propose a minor change. Some of you may be thinking, oh boy, another complaint but really this is pretty minor and something that I believe we should fix.

This is in regards to pictures representing certain characters on the front page and in our pictorial character lists. Some pictures of characters I believe just don’t work. There are some exceptions to this with characters that are alive we want a current picture and characters that we don’t have many clear pictures of their faces, however, the characters I am about to list I believe should be changed to a better image of them.

Characters with Pictures that need to be changed

Front Page-Comics

• Comic Maggie- why do we have a picture of Maggie crying her eyes out? Why should her vulnerable moment be what people first see of her on own front page? Surely we have a normal picture of Maggie’s face.

• Comic Heath- we have the picture of him after he was blown up. First off this could be considered a spoiler right on own front page but also why don’t we have a normal picture of him?

Character List Pages- Comics

• Comic Morgan and Dale- we have these two on their death beds! Both dying and ill, I believe we should have a picture of them healthy looking.

• Comic Glenn- this one doesn’t bother me as much as other but we have Glenn about to get his brains bashed in! I know for a fact we have a picture of Glenn smiling somewhere…

Character List Pages- TV Show

• TV Andrea- we have her after she was bitten and tortured, yeah she is smiling but with a gash in her neck and a cut in her head, I think we should have her in a better state.

Character List Pages- Telltale Video Game

• Lee- I’m not sure when this is but I believe it is close to his death and I think it was after her was bitten (but I’m not sure). Either way, he is all bloody and I think we could find a better picture to represent Lee.

• Kaatjaa- her picture is of her after she fell and hit her head and crying over Duck having to get put down. This isn’t the best picture to have of her either.

So, I just wanted to bring this up and get your opinions. Some of you may agree or disagree with some so let me know in the comments which you think we should change and which you believe are fine. And Admins, please take people’s opinions into account and change ones that we all believe should be changed. I appreciate everyone who did for reading and leaving your opinions.