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  • Wolverine1717

    Hey everyone! Spoilers for episode 3. Wat a great episode, episode 3 was! Wow! Anyway, I was just thinking about something major in The Walking Dead Game...Death!

    Thinking back to season 1 episode 1, about 80% of those characters are dead or missing. This got me to thinking, when will season 2's bloodbath episode be?

    What I mean by this is that I think we can agree Season 1, episode 3 was it's bloodbath dynamic changer episode. We lost the motor inn, along with Doug/Carley (R.I.P), Kaatjaa, Duck, and left Lilly behind. That's FOUR characters from episode 1 gone in a matter of minutes. Will we have something like that in season 2? I think it will be next episode. Let's go over who we have.

    Clementine, Luke, and Kenny I see as safe at least unt…

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  • Wolverine1717

    Hey guys it’s me, Wolverine1717. I just wanted to propose a minor change. Some of you may be thinking, oh boy, another complaint but really this is pretty minor and something that I believe we should fix.

    This is in regards to pictures representing certain characters on the front page and in our pictorial character lists. Some pictures of characters I believe just don’t work. There are some exceptions to this with characters that are alive we want a current picture and characters that we don’t have many clear pictures of their faces, however, the characters I am about to list I believe should be changed to a better image of them.

    Characters with Pictures that need to be changed

    Front Page-Comics

    • Comic Maggie- why do we have a picture of Magg…

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  • Wolverine1717

    Hey everyone. It's Wolverine1717 and I was thinking about season 2 of Telltale's The Walking Dead Game. I remembered someone saying that choices you made in season 1 will carry over and affect you in season 2. Which got me thinking. What choices could carry over? Obviously ones like "Keep your hair short" "Stay away from cities" "Find Christa and Omid" will be what Clementine remembers directly after Lee's death. But what other choices, possibly made by Lee, will affect Clementine and others in season 2? What could've happened that will come back up in season 2? Possibly about if you brought Lilly or ditched her? Lost Kenny in the alley or the hospital? Shot Lee or left him? What could return and how? And the big question is...will it come…

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  • Wolverine1717

    Hey, I decided that since there is no show, no comic, and no new video game trending right now that I would make a game. I will put categories for the t.v. show, comic, and telltale video game, and you guys will vote in the comments. I’m not doing polls because I don’t want someone to vote twice. You don’t have to vote for everything, just vote for what you want. WARNING! There are MAJOR SPOILERS in this blog. Don’t put minor people or events. In one week, I will post a results blog (unless this is extremely unsuccessful).

    T.V. Show

    1. Who is your favorite character?

    2. Who is your least favorite character?

    3. Favorite Season?

    4. Favorite individual episode?

    5. Who had the saddest death?

    6. Who had the most unfair/random death?

    7. Who do you want …

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  • Wolverine1717

    First of all...hello! I'm Wolverine1717 and i'm new here but i'd like to say hello.

    But what this blog really is about is Free Comic Book Day! Today, May 4th, is Free Comic Book Day. That is where comic book stores around the world put out a pre-selected group of comics and let people have some for free! Usually there is a limit of 4-6 comicsa person but they go fast so if you haven't headed to your local comic book store... GO NOW! I say this because this year along with some Batman, X-Men, etc. there is a Walking Dead Comic Book for FREE!

    This comic book is a special "Free Comic Book Day Edition" made by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard! Inside it features four mini-stories, three of which have been released already. Some of you may say, …

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