Yesterday I had created this blog to ask if we should move Jeanette from "Prison Newcomers" to "Woodbury Survivors" section (since she was one of those who were brought to the prison by Rick's group in season 3 finale) and one of the wiki staffs did it early today. But now someone has just moved her back to "Prison Newcomers" and added Greg (TV Series) (whose actor has confirmed in his interview that he was a Woobury refugee) to that section, too

I have to emphasize this problem again that we should put these 2 characters in "Woodbury Survivors" section, they are not those prison newcomers who joined te prison community between season 3 & 4. Putting them in that section is also to distinguish them from the other prison newcomers like Zach, Patrick, Bob... Even if we call them "prison newcomers", they ARE STILL Woodbury Survivors (or used to be)

The bus which Rick and others used to bring people from Woodbury to the prison had come before the "Prison Newcomers" section was created in this Wikia, meaning that Jeanette and Greg and many other Woodbury folks & children had appeared in season 3 (off-screen). Now let's move these 2 characters back to where they belong to - the "Woodbury Survivors" section (the section for Woodbury people in season 3)

Pardon me but I'm very detailed when talking about things like information, and visitors of this wikia deserve to read exact information, hope you guys won't get me wrong, I just want to contribute to make our site better :D

Should we put Jeanette and Greg in the "Woodbury Survivors" section?

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