This is a list of every episode of the show ranked by all iMDB users. 

I mostly agree with this, it was pretty obvious before I clicked on this, that Too Far Gone would be the highest rated episode of that lot, and that Killer Within, Pretty Much Dead Already and The Grove would follow.

But what I am really surprised about is why This Sorrowful Life and Clear are ranked as low as they are. They are #12 & #13 respectively, which I thought they would be much higher. What really pisses me off is that Seed is ranked higher than them, just goes to show 'fans' would rather see mindless zombie head explosion action than pure great drama, (with Michael Rooker and Lennie James' performances.) 

I also knew that Still would be ranked last, but then I saw this . What the fuck happened there? Still and Alone at #1 & #2? I hope they don't get ideas off this monstrosity, making more Beth/Deryl episodes... Who the fuck's favourite episode is Still? I know opinions, but dayyyum.

And it very much makes sense that Welcome to the Tombs is where it is. Most people think it's the WORST EPISODE EVAA, but it's not, it's just the most disappointing episode ever, there is a very big difference between the two. 

On other notes, very surprised to see When The Dead Come Knocking up so high, (personally my least favourite 3A episode), and I'm disgusted at how low Live Bait and Dead Weight are ranked. I thought everyone liked The Governor episodes? I guess not... Do you?

And where da love for Isolation at? :'( 

On a closing note, how close would you say this is to your rankings? Which episodes would you say are out of place? Tell me what you have to say!